A Special Gift From A Special Friend...
Kevin Morgan Concept Trans Am 1 of 1 Remote Control Car

I wanted to share with you pictures of a "Kevin Morgan Concept Trans Am 1 of 1" remote control car that Tyler Hambrick from Georgia built and donated to me to help with my adventure to try to get GM to bring back the Trans Am. He builds Smokey & The Bandit models ( so I asked him to try to make my Concept Trans Am off of the Concept Camaro, which is how I initially came up with my concept Trans Am. He accepted and painstakingly built it from the drawings I sent to him...he did an EXCELLENT job with it. It is even a working R/C Car, although I am afraid to use it. This is very exciting for me because it makes my concept car a reality, even though it is on a small scale. I plan on attending The Year One Experience in Georgia in May as well as the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio in August, and this model will be proudly on display at both events. It is nice to know there are such great people out there willing to help others. I thank him very much for this amazing gift.

I came in contact with Tyler when I received an email from him asking for my phone number...he called me and asked me where I got the picture for the BRING IT BACK poster I designed & sold at the Year One Experience & Bandit Run in GA. Tyler was on the bandit run and was at the Year One Experience. I told him I got it off of the internet...and he said to me that it was his car, and that I had just made his day...he was honored I picked his 1977 Special Edition Trans Am out of all the pictures out there floating around on the net. We became instant friends and have kept in contact ever since. My poster featured his car and my concept Trans Am.

Thank You and God Bless You Tyler. I will never forget this

Kevin Morgan
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