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Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

Trans Am Depot, Chip Foose, Kevin Morgan & Daniel Burns
from Guage Marks

2012 6T9 Goat (GTO Concept) Convertible

The Trans Am Depot Crew

We are currently going into production of this Kevin Morgan Edition 6T9 Goat. For More information on how to purchase yours, please visit www.TransAmDepot.com

1994 Trans Am 25th Anniversary Edition

- ONLY 7,517 MILES
- $28,500 OBO


THANK YOU to all who came out to Eighmey Chevrolet in Troy, PA on September 16th & 17th, 2011!

The Trans Am is BACK! And now the OLD meets the NEW in a 2 day event!! Eighmey Chevy will have their 1979 10th anniversary edition Trans Am that has only 200 miles and has never been registered!! Kevin Morgan will have is very own 2010 KM Trans Am #0008 there as well. Their will be refreshments, food, door prizes and more! Kevin will also have his Trans Am merchandise available.

Please help spread the word about this unique event!

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Kevin Morgan attended the 2011 Trans Am Nationals in Dayton Ohio

Our friend forever - Brandon

Their is a lot more to the T/A Nationals than just Trans Ams...
its also about making new friends & having fun

Be sure to check out the October Issue of High Performance Pontiac.

Kevin Morgan / Trans Am Depot and Hurst Performance Vehicles collaborate on a modern-day tuner Trans Am. Read More Here.

Paul Sr. and the KM Hurst Trans Am - Click to view larger

Kevin Morgan and the Trans Am Depot on "American Choppers" showed the build & unveiling of Paul Sr's Kevin Morgan / Hurst Edition Trans Am. Also the 3 Motorcycles that Orange County Choppers built to match 3 of Kevin's car designs was featured. The cars shown are the KM Hurst Edition T/A concept, the KM GTO Concept & the KM 6T9 Trans Am convertible with 1200 horse to the rear wheels.

God Bless

Paul Sr's KM Hurst Trans Am Concept - Click to view larger

Paul Sr flashing the peace sign in his new ride. - Click to view larger

- Click to view larger

A closer look. - Click to view larger

- Trans Am Depot - Paul Sr. - and Kevin Morgan

Firehawk Tribute Trans Am, GTO Concept, 6t9 Trans Am with matching OCC bikes were on display at the Charlotte Auto Fair, Charlotte Motor Speedway. 4/8/ Thru 4/10/2011

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Charlotte Auto Fair, Charlotte Motor Speedway

Introducing the Kevin Morgan GTO Concept, built by the Trans Am Depot. Unveiled at the Boston Autorama April 2nd 2011.

Production of the GTO will start in 2011. For more information, please visit www.TransAmDepot.com

On April 2nd, at the Boston Seaport World Trade Center, the World of Wheels Autorama Auto Show hosted Paul Teutul Sr. of American Choppers fame who was present to unveil three custom chopper theme bikes matching three custom Kevin Morgan designed cars built by Trans Am Depot. The event was a culmination of three months of planing and fabrication to build three cars and three matching motorcycles for an upcoming episode of American Choppers.

Hurst CEO Nate Shelton & Designer Kevin Morgan by the
HURST Concept Trans Am.

Nate was on hand to present Paul Sr. a custom built 2011 Hurst Edition Trans Am concept, especially built for Teutul. The unveiling and presentation of the choppers and matching custom cars was filmed as part of an episode of American Choppers. The unveiling was the official launch of the Hurst Edition Trans Am.

Paul Sr. - Trans Am Depot - Kevin Morgan in front of the 6t9 T/A


Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

"Snowman's" tractor trailer. Kevin helped Tyler Hambrick, Greg Vassar & Walter Morgan install the graphics on this beautiful trailer.

"American Trucker" Episode 3: Bandit And The Snowman on SPEED
Holding off Star Wars for 3 months at the box office in 1977 speaks volumes about a film's potential. It was Smokey and The Bandit that kept Lucas's breakthrough on the shelf. Burt Reynolds was the iconic Bandit driving the Trans Am. Jerry Reed was the Snowman who drove that forever famous big rig.

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Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

Trans Am Depot and Kevin Morgan unwrapped the latest of the Morgan designed Trans Am's at the 2010 SEMA show last week in Las Vegas, NV. Based off of the inaugural year, the 6t9 Trans Am, as it is named, is the second in the Morgan/Depot line up.

This concept, based off of the 2010 Camaro, sports an LS7 twin turbo package, a Ford IRS 9" rear end and a 3.22 NASCAR gear. The engineers at the Depot expect to put 1200hp. At the rear wheel durning their dyno tune in the coming days. Track testing to follow.

The 6t9 is expected to hit the streets next spring. Pricing and options will soon be posted on the Trans Am Depot web-site: www.transamdepot.com

Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

Kevin Morgan 6t9 Trans Am

Between 1996 and 2002 the Firehawk Trans Am set a new mark for style and performance. These highly collectable Pontiacs quickly became a favorite among Trans Am enthusiasts. On the eve of production of the Kevin Morgan designed and licensed Trans Am, Morgan and Trans Am Depot were commissioned to build their version of the Firehawk using their new production design. The owner of this 2010 Trans Am Firehawk has the largest collection of Firehawks in existence and a muscle car collection of over 300 show cars. The challenge given to Morgan and Trans Am Depot was to design and build a one-off "Firehawk" that would respectively honor and pay tribute to both the Firehawk name and legacy.

Be sure to check out the NEW MERCHANDISE in our Store! We have a brand new design on T-shirts, Posters, Can Koozies, Garage Banners & More!

Kevin Morgan Trans Am Firehawk Tribute

INTRODUCING the Kevin Morgan Edition Trans Am FIREHAWK TRIBUTE. Unveiled at the 2010 Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, OH August 27-29, 2010. Built by the Trans Am Depot.
For more information on this beautiful car, please visit www.TransAmDepot.com.

Kevin Morgan Trans Am Firehawk Tribute

Kevin Morgan Trans Am Firehawk Tribute

The "Pontiac Power Trip" by Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine and presented by The Trans Am Depot.
Pontiac Power Trip
A few of the cars I was able to drive on the Pontiac Power Trip.
We went from Tallahassee, Florida to Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Pontiac Power Trip
We cruised on in to the GM Nationals in Carlisle, PA - To the Pontiac
Enthusiast Magazine's "Pontiac Pavilion." The Kevin Morgan Edition
Trans Am #3 was on display. A very special Thank You to Jason Scott
from Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine, Tod Warmack and the rest of
Trans Am Depot, Leith Chevrolet, John Parsons, Ron Morgan, Mark B.
and Dan Carey from Carey's Custom Screenprinting

Pontiac Power Trip
Kevin Morgan Edition Trans Am #3

Kevin Morgan And David North
I was fortunate to meed David North - Retired Chief Designer of GM

David North Artwork
David North designed the 1966 Toronado, among many others.

David North
Here is a concept drawing by David North.

Kevin Morgan and David North
Kevin Morgan and David North

Kevin Morgan visits Leith Chevrolet in Raleigh, NC to see the
KM Trans Am Concept #3.

Kevin Morgan and Chris Leith
Kevin Morgan, Chris Leith and KM T/A Concept #3.

KM Trans Am at Leith Chevrolet
KM T/A Concept #3 in the showroom at Leith Chevrolet.

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Official Designer of the Trans Am Nationals

Kevin Morgan has been named "Official Designer of The Trans Am Nationals" in Dayton, Ohio

Kevin Morgan with Branon Emerson

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