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SNOWMAN'S TRAILER IS FINISHED!! Here is the latest video of it coming out of the garage. It is set to go on The Bandit Run 09 May 10 thru 16.

Georgia's Times-Herald Newspaper article about Snowman's Trailer.
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Come join us on The Bandit Run 2009.
If you have a Trans Am this run is for you, even if you don't, you are still welcome to go on the Bandit Run!! The Snowman (From Smokey And The Bandit) Trailer replica is going to be on the run with a 1970's Kenworth pulling it every step of the way!

The Bandit Run 2009 is starting the morning of May 10th, 2009, at Area 57 in Branson, MO. We will be taking a midwestern route from Missouri, to Arkansas, then to Tennessee, and on into Georgia, to the famous Year One Facility!

The daily mileage will be kept between 200 - 300 miles of travel per day. We will be setting up some fun events at each stop along the way.

For more information on The Bandit Run, please visit www.thebanditrun.com

For more information on Snowman's Trailer brought to you by The Trailer Team 3, please visit www.smokeyandthe banditmodels.com

Hope to see you on The Bandit Run 2009!!

- Kevin Morgan

4-4-09 UPDATE!!! Snowman's Trailer Graphic is now installed!

3-30-09 UPDATE!!! Southbound And Down. Graphic Install on Snowman's Trailer.

Here are the latest videos of the progress.

2-26-09 UPDATE!!! A REAL Smokey and the Bandit "Snowman" Trailer is Being Made! You Can Help!
I am currently working on this project with Tyler Hambrick from Georgia (smokeyandthebanditmodels.com) and Greg Vassar (AKA The Minnesota Bandit). We have now purchased a trailer just like in the movie. The Trailer is being restored to look like Snowman's Trailer in the movie Smokey & The Bandit. Click here for more info, pictures and how you can help us "do what they say can't be done."
To this project I also say "BRING IT BACK!"

You can help by purchasing a shirt here!

You can help by purchasing a shirt here!

Here are 4 videos with the progress of the trailer.


"CONCEPT TRANS AM" - A Photoshop Illustration

"CONCEPT TRANS AM" - A Photoshop Illustration

"CONCEPT TRANS AM" - A Photoshop Illustration

"CONCEPT TRANS AM" - A Photoshop Illustration

"Rough Roadster" - A Photoshop Illustration

"F ONE HUNDRED" - A Color Pencil Drawing

"NIGHT LIGHT" - A Photoshop Illustration

"CONCEPT TRANS AM" - A Photoshop Illustration

Kevin Morgan's Concept Trans Am featured in "Stingray '82" Magazine from Holland.

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Kevin Morgan Portfolio posted
Be sure to click on the portfolio button & check out some of my portfolio throughout the years.

This painting was done around 1991 and was one the first Airbrush projects I took on. It took me 2 weeks and it was actually painted using air pressure from tires. I used a paasche "H" airbrush.

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This year we tried to kick the booth up a notch. We had a 20' display with an 18 foot printed banner featuring pictures of my concept Trans Am, the magazines my artwork was featured in, and pictures of the special people I have met along the way. The 1 of 1 Concept Trans Am Remote Control car was on display built by Tyler Hambrick of smokey and the bandit models.com. That sure got alot of attention!

We had a great time visiting with some old friends as well as making some new ones! Once again it was Beyond A Dream being set up at the Nats. To hear such comments as "I am a huge fan" and "It is an honor to meet you" is just an incredible feeling. It really makes all of my time and effort worth while. My fans and this project mean so very much to me! THANK YOU!

The show field was filled with beautiful Trans Ams from 1969 - 2002. It would be hard to pick a winner that is for sure. There were vendors setup with new and used parts for sale. Restore A Muscle Car had a Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am "Ban III" on display as well as his custom "platinum" 1977 Trans am. This year the platinum was sporting 19" and 20" snowflake wheels made by US Wheel. It was nice to see Dave Hall & the gang again.

Thanks to everyone who supported us by purchasing our concept T/A merchandise! A VERY special Thank You to Sue from The Trans Am Nationals for the opportunity to design the 2008 Merchandise...To see my artwork all over the Nationals was incredible. People seemed to really like those blue shirts! A special thanks to Tod, Scott and Scott from The Trans Am Depot for the Banner Sponsor. Thanks to Kevin from Screamin Chicken Chasers for the banner & flyers to display. It was also great being able to catch up with a lot of my friends from Trans Am Country. And last but not least thank you to Mike & Elena from Southwest FBody Association for lending a hand with the booth setup.

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AUGUST 22-24 2008

Stop by our booth at the 2008 Nats!! There will be a lot of Concept Trans Am Merchandise for sale and the 1 of 1 R/C concept T/A built by Tyler Hambrick will be on display. I look forward to meeting new fans & talking with some old friends. Keep an eye out for this years Trans Am Nationals merchandise, I had the honor of doing the design work again this year. Thank you Sue for the opportunity! Click Here for more info on the Trans Am Nationals. Hope to see you there!

6/20 - 6/22, 2008 GM NATIONALS - CARLISLE PA.

The GM Nationals were a great time. We met a lot of great people, heard some wonderful comments, signed some autographs & sold some merchandise.

Pictures have been posted from this event, please click here to view.

6/20 - 6/22, 2008

There will be Trans Am Concept merchandise for sale at my booth. Stop by and check out my T-shirts, decals, posters, bumper stickers and more! Hope to see you there.

Here is some info on the "Pontiac Pavilion."

Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine is sponsoring the "Pontiac Pavilion".
If another incentive is necessary, here it is. Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine is sponsoring the "Pontiac Pavilion". This will be home to some of the cover & feature cars that graced the pages of their magazine over the last couple of years. Want to be a Feature Car and grace the pages of their magazine? You'll have to be here and be a part of the All-GM Nationals to be considered. ALL the Pontiac classes will be located in close proximity of the "Pontiac Pavilion".This will make it easier for the editors and photographers to find your ride, and quite possibly make "Your Car A Star here at the All-GM Nationals. Don't be left out of the party. And don't forget the call to glory. We're looking to see 1000 F-Bodies gathered on our show field. The ACA has done their part in gathering over half of that number every year with the Camaro. Let's see those Firebirds, Formulas and Trans Am F-Bodies make that magical number and see Scott Settlemire have to sit down and take a breath after viewing all that F-Body finery! Don't forget Year Ones' Bandit Trans Am will be here also! This is your best chance to see this awesome ride up close and personal! Don't be left out of the fun & excitement of browsing the "Pontiac Pavilion" found only at the All-GM Nationals!

For more information on Carlisle Events visit their website
For more information on Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine, visit their website

Courtesy of Carlisle Events and Carlisle Productions.

July / August 08 Concept Trans Am is featured in Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine!

click for larger view

June 08 Concept Trans Am is featured in High Performance Pontiac Magazine!

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May 15-18, 2008 - The Year One Experience. *PHOTOS ADDED*
The trip to Georgia was great! Long ride down and back, but well worth it. A LOT of events crammed into one weekend. My wife Theresa and I started out going directly to Year One with the people from the Bandit Run on Thursday evening. Tyler Hambrick, Greg Vaser and myself presented a shirt (for the Snowman Rig Trailer Graphic Fund Raiser) to Kevin King of Year One.

Mike Ashmore then gave us a tour of Year One where we got to see Burt Reynold's Trans Am in progress and a few other "top secret" projects. I also got to meet Jim Wangers there who used to be in charge of all the marketing for the GTO back in the day. I purchased one of his Pontiac Pizazz books which he autographed. I also gave him prints of my concept Trans Am and had a nice conversation about them. It was quite an honor to meet him. We then enjoyed a nice dinner with Tyler Hambrick and Tim Phillips. Tim was the guy that helped Year One find the Trans Ams to be turned into the Burt Reynolds Edition cars. Tim showed me his Smokey & The Bandit & Trans Am toy collection. He also showed me alot of the behind the scenes photos with Burt Reynolds during the making of "Burt Builds A Bandit" on the DIY.

Friday morning we went on the movie tour with Tyler and saw a lot of the locations where Smokey & The Bandit was filmed. Very cool. At one of the stops I was able to re-create the movie by hanging a "Texarkana" banner over the existing Jonesboro sign just like they did in the movie. We then had lunch in a southern style resturaunt "Butches" which was great food & service. I got an interview from a local newspaper. We then went to the Atlanta dragstrip to watch some drag races...a great way to finish the night!

Saturday we went to the Year One Experience and setup our merchandise booth with Dave Hall & Restore A Muscle Car. We met some new friends and heard some great comments about my concept T/A. Tyler and myself even broke out the remote control cars...he had his 1977 Trans Am and I had the 1 of 1 Concept Trans Am that he had built for me.
Greg Vaser had a 25' banner of Snowman's Trailer printed and hung on the backside of Dave Hall's trailer...that looked really cool! I walked around with Mike Ashmore from Y/O quite a bit and he introduced me to Al from US Wheels, he was an AWESOME guy!!! He really had a lot of great coments about my concept T/As. We gave him some T-shirts & prints of the concept T/A. Mike also pointed out one of the cars in the car show - The "Original Survivor" 1974 Chicago Auto Show Trans Am. This car is a real piece of Trans Am history, you must visit their website to learn more about this car. firebirdconcept.com

We packed up around 5:30pm and headed north...we returned home at 8:30 am on Sunday. It was 1728 miles round trip.

We would like to thank Year One for such a great event and helping with the Bandit Run, Dave Hall from Restore A Muscle Car for letting us setup at the Year One Experience and for all your hard work with the Bandit Run, Tyler Hambrick for the R/C Concept T/A and The movie tour, Mike Ashmore from Year One for everything, Al Valor from US Wheel, and everyone who purchased merchandise to help support my journey to bring back the Trans Am.

Click here for pictures.

5-2008 - Gearing Up For The Year One Experience!
Kevin Morgan is gearing up for the Year One Experience and the Bandit Run. Going from Pennsylvania to Georgia. "it's only 900 miles there and 900 miles back."
I will be setting up with Dave Hall & Restore A Muscle Car selling my Trans Am Concept merchandise. I will have posters, prints, shirts, and more! My Concept R/C Car will also be on display, built by Tyler Hambrick at Smokey and The Bandit Models. Looking forward to meeting some new friends! Here is a video I put together from Last year's trip.

Help Support a Dream:
A REAL Smokey and the Bandit Kenworth and Trailer

If you are a TRUE Smokey and the Bandit Fan, please help!
I am currently working on this project with Tyler Hambrick from Georgia (smokeyandthebanditmodels.com) and Greg Vasser (AKA The Minnesota Bandit). We have now purchased a trailer just like in the movie. The Trailer is going to be restored to look like Snowman's Trailer in Smokey & The Bandit. We are currently selling shirts on ebay to rasie money. Here is the image on the shirt.

For More Information please visit smokeyandthebanditmodels.com

Click here to donate & help make a dream come true.

Thank You For Your Support

Kevin Morgan Designs - IMCA Car
Here are some pictures of Mark Griffin's 11k IMCA Race Car that I designed and installed the graphics on. The car is featured in the Arnot Mall in Horseheads, NY in a show sponsored by Woodhull and Redline Raceways.
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Kevin Celebrates Birthday with a custom Trans Am Cake!
Only 1 candle needed on a Firebird Cake!

Special Thanks To Ashley Ward

Check out Screamin' Chicken Chasers website! They offer such services as:
- Parts Locating
- Project Car Locating
- VIN Decoding
- Cowl Tag Decoding
They even have a forum!!

Screamin' Chicken Chasers

A Special Gift From A Special Friend...
Kevin Morgan Concept Trans Am 1 of 1

Click Here for More Information.

Kevin Morgan enters the Burt Builds A Bandit Contest on Heavy.com!
click to view video on heavy.com I created a 3 minute video about why I deserve the Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am and entered it in the Heavy.com and DIY Network's "Burt Builds A Bandit Contest." My entry is entitled "Kevin's Hot Pursuit For The Trans Am." I would like to thank God for the gift of design, my Mom and Dad, my wife Theresa, my cousin Danny, my Brother, & especially VanSant Productions for all their hard work helping me make this video. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. But, win or lose we did our best and now it is in someone elses hands. I would also like to thank Heavy.com, DIY Network, Year One (for building such a beautiful car) and Burt Reynolds (you inspired all of this!)
Click Here to view the video.

Kevin Morgan was on the "Celebrity Rides" show on The DIY Network!
click to view large I was fortunate enough to get an interview at the Year One Experience and The Bandit Run while setup selling merchandise for my concept Trans Am.

I was on episode #5.
Click Here to download the Video.

I never would have dreamed that after 30 years of the movie "Smokey and The Bandit" that I would be on the same show as the Bandit himself, Mr. Burt Reynolds. What an honor.

A special thanks to Mike Ashmore & Tony at Year One for the interview!

The Next K.I.T.T for The new Knight Rider TV Show?
click to view large I have designed my idea of the next KITT car for the NEW Knight Rider TV show that NBC is going to bring back. Click here to view a large version.

Iclick to view large have started a petition for everyone to sign to let GM know how badly we want our Trans Am Back. Please help me by signing this petition. I have had such an overwhelming response to my Concept Trans Am drawings that I just have to send them to GM. Please sign the petition & tell GM the same things you have been telling me all along.
Sign the petition by clicking here.

Thank You!

Kevin Morgan -Graphic Designer
Canton, PA


Kevin Morgan signing autographI had an incredible response at the 07 Nationals this year. I would like to thank everyone who supported me by purchasing my merchandise & giving compliments on my work.
I would also like to thank Sue for the honor of designing the 07 merchandise. I look forward to working on the 08 designs.
Another special thank you to Dave & Todd from Restore A Muscle Car for the Kevin Morgan and Dave Hallspace to setup.
It was great meeting everyone along with my fellow members of transamcountry.com.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible! See you at the next event!


I will be setup in the booth with Dave Hall from Restore A Muscle Car. There will be Concept Trans Am Merchandise for sale.


The show times for the weekend of 8-18 are:
Saturday - 10:30 am and 7:30 pm
Sunday - 11:30 am and 8:30 pm


Kevin Morgan Goes To Year One Experience, The Bandit Run - Meets Chip Foose, Year One, DIY Network & Hot Rod Magazine!

For those of you that remember hearing about me and the concept Trans Am I drew that made it into 4 national magazines, here is a little update.

After the Trans Am Nationals in August of 2006 I was asked to design the merchandise identity for 2007. I was honored & accepted. That project was completed & it is all set to go for this years event.

In the beginning of 07 I heard about an event that got my attention called "The Bandit Run." 2007 marks the 30th anniversary of the "Smokey & The Bandit" movie. So, Year one, Restore A Muscle Car, 78TA.com & Motortopia decided to put together an event called "The Bandit Run." They were getting anyone with a T/A to participate in the event. They were going to drive from Texarkana Texas to Atlanta Georgia, the exact same route as the movie. At the end of the bandit run they were all going to meet at Road Atlanta in Georgia for the Year One Experience, which consisted of a car show, vendors, burnout competitions, races, & The release of the Year One 1977 Burt Reynolds Edition Resto/Mod Trans Am. Being a T/A fan & owner I had a lot of interest in this event, but, did not want to drive a 26 year old car that far & run the risk of car trouble. I was asked to design some T-shirts for the Bandit Run which made me an "additional sponsor" of the event. I was communicating with Dave Hall from "Restore A Muscle Car" for the designs & he suggested that I work up a poster design with a 1977 Trans Am & my concept Trans Am to sell at the event. So I did just that & they loved it. I was going to have them made up & Dave was going to sell them for me at the event. Then he thought it would be good for me to come down & sell them personally because there would be a lot of media coverage there. It sounded exciting, but the thought of driving to Georgia & back didn't. The closer it got the more I thought about it and the more I knew I would regret not being a part of it. SO, I ended up getting 200 posters made with my concept car on it as well as 72 decals to sell at the event. My wife Theresa & I packed up & headed south to Atlanta Georgia. After over 800 long miles we were there. I contacted Dave Hall to let him know we were on our way to the event & asked for instructions. He got us all set & we rolled into the Year One Experience at Road Atlanta Saturday morning. We were able to go directly into the Bandit Run area & setup beside Dave's booth to sell our merchandise. We introduced ourselves to Dave & his crew & were anxious to get set up.

We got a very good response right off of the bat. We started selling posters & decals right away. There were a lot of people that new of my work from the Magazines they appeared in (Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, High Performance Pontiac & Pontiac Smoke Signals). It was very cool.

At 11:00 Year One unveiled the Burt Reynolds Edition T/A which was a huge deal. There was a very large crowd gathered around the car. Chip Foose & AJ from the TV show Overhaulin were there for the event. AJ pulled the cover off of the T/A and the crowd roared. Then Chip Foose hopped in and fired the car up. It was just awesome. There were TV cameras just flocked around the car. Burt Reynolds was supposed to be there, but was apparently ill. After the unveiling, Chip Foose was still standing around & signing some autographs. SO, I ran back to our booth & grabbed a couple of the posters I was selling, one for chip & one for him to sign for me. Sure enough he was still there, I went up & told him about my concept drawing & asked him to sign it, and he did. Then I gave him one to keep. A couple that participated in the bandit run was kind enough to take pictures of me talking with Chip. It was just an amazing experience! I was then talking with Mike from Year One with hopes of making some good contacts to promote my drawings. He liked my concept car & when the camera crew from DIY Network (do it yourself network) and another guy from year one came around Mike said, "You want to talk to this guy" (pointing at me) and he came over and next thing I knew I had the camera shoved in my face & a whole bunch of questions being asked about the Burt Reynolds Edition T/A & my concept Poster I had in my hands (which were probably shaking by that time!) He was very supportive & actually hinted at GM to bring the T/A back. The DIY Network will be releasing a whole show about the Burt Reynolds T/A this fall. I'm hoping they play the clip with me & my concept T/A!

While floating back to Theresa & our setup on cloud 9 I called my parents to tell them what happened...they were very excited about the news. When I got back all of the Black & Gold Special Edition Trans Ams were fired up and getting ready to take a few laps around Road Atlanta. Because I didn't have my Trans Am with me I fired up the video camera instead and got some footage of them rolling by. After that I told Theresa everything that had just happened with Chip Foose & the DIY network. We continued talking to some more "Kevin Morgan" fans & selling posters & decals. Took a short break for lunch & the guys from Restore A Muscle Car watched over our sales.

The rest of the afternoon was just as equally amazing. We met some people that REALLY loved my work & were simply thrilled to meet me. They wanted autographs & pictures of me with them. What an incredible feeling this is. Just beyond amazing. There was one family that had me sit in their car & took my picture in it. She made the comment "I cant believe Kevin Morgan is in our car!" It was very nice to be famous for a day!! They had asked us to join them and a few of the other Bandit Runners for dinner. They told us there would be an editor from Hot Rod Magazine there! SO, we accepted & enjoyed a nice dinner & good conversation with the bandit runners & Chris, the editor from Hot Rod Magazine!!

That was pretty much the events from the day. After dinner we headed north for Canton, PA. Although we didn't get to actually be a part of The Bandit Run, we got to experience it through some of the people that did. It was something that I won't soon forget.

In the near future VanSant productions, from Wellsboro, PA, is planning on doing a "Round The County" TV show about my concept car, my personal trans am & my graphic design work. It will be on Blue Ridge Cable Channel 13 sometime this Summer. For more information please visit my website kevinmorgandesigns.com

I would like to thank everyone that encouraged me to take this trip. I was leery on going but I'm VERY glad I did.

Kevin Morgan - Graphic Designer
Canton, PA

I am off to Georgia to promote my Concept Trans Am Drawings at The Year One Experience at Road Atlanta.
Hopefully I will get to meet all of the people that ran on The Bandit Run. I will have a lot of pictures & comments to post I'm sure!
I would like to thank Kevin at Year one, Dave at Restore A Muscle Car, Mike from Gambal Printing, & Jim at The Sign Shop.
A special thanks to my family & friends for being so supportive.

Official Designer of the TransĀ Am Nationals

Kevin Morgan has been named "Official Designer of The Trans Am Nationals" in Dayton, Ohio!

Kevin Morgan with Branon Emerson

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Some of the Magazines My
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