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The Story
I was born in 1973. Growing up I loved Smokey & The Bandit, I had a lot of Trans Am & Smokey & The Bandit toys. I loved Trans Ams! Finally in 2004 I purchased my first T/A, a 1981 T-top car. I became obsessed with Trans Ams. I am a graphic designer so when the Concept Camaro came out, I said to myself, you can not have a Camaro without having A Trans Am. So in January of 2006 I sat down at the computer and turned the concept Camaro into a T/A and posted it on one website, The owner of that website wrote up a big "What If" story featuring my concept Trans Am and posted it on his site. From there It just snowballed on the internet. It was showing up on forums all over the world! I even saw it on Mustang forums, F-150 name it. I just couldn't believe what was happening.

Next thing I knew I was being contacted by Hot Rod Magazine wanting to run my concept drawings. Then it was High Performance Pontiac Magazine, Smoke Signals Magazine and Popular Hot Rodding Magazine. Then Trans Am Enthusiast Mike Montague emailed me out of the blue and said, "I got permission to display your concept drawings at the Trans Am Nationals in Ohio." I was floored! So, I told my wife, we have to go see this. I took prints of the concepts out there and they disappeared very fast! I was standing there by the drawings and got asked to sign one of changed my life forever! My first autograph! Later Sue from the T/A Nationals emailed me and asked me to design the next year's T-shirts and other merchandise! What an amazing honor.

From there it kept growing, I got hooked up with Dave Hall from Restore A Muscle Car. He let me set up at the Year One experience in Georgia where I met a lot of the people on the Bandit Run. I had posters & decals for sale and had a lot of positive feedback. I got to meet Chip Foose, and was recorded and on the Hot Rod TV show during the unveiling of the beautiful Year One Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am. I even met some great people from Year One. I got interviewed by The DIY Network and was on the Burt Builds A Bandit show. It was just an amazing experience.

One guy I met from Georgia, Tyler Hambrick of contacted me and said that he was honored that I used his car on one of my posters. The poster featured his 1977 Trans Am SE and my concept Trans Am. We became friends & he eventually built me 2 models of my Concept T/A, one was a functional Remote Control Car. He even sent me a R/C tractor trailer just like Jerry Reed drove in Smokey and the Bandit! People go crazy & try to buy the R/C concept Trans Am, but, it is a custom built one of one and not for sale.

Then it was time for the T/A Nationals again. I set up with Dave Hall one more time. This time with more merchandise and more identity. The response was beyond overwhelming...people went nuts! I was signing autographs, selling merchandise etc. It was BEYOND A DREAM!

I even made a video "Kevin's Hot Pursuit for the Trans Am" and entered it in a contest to try to win a Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am (By Year One) that was putting on. The video contest was to show why you would deserve the Trans Am. I used my story of designing a concept Trans Am & all I was doing to promote it. Unfortunately I did not win the car, but, made memories with my family & had a lot of fun making it.

The concept Trans Am has now been in 7 national and international magazines. I have attended the Trans Am Nationals 3 years in a row, setting up a booth to promote the concept Trans Am & I am planning on attending again this year.

I setup in the "Pontiac Pavilion" hosted by Pontiac Enthusiast magazine at the GM Nationals in Carlisle, PA I got to meet Jim Wangers, the godfather of the GTO and a VERY big part of amazing honor. We had a wonderful conversation about his history with Pontiac & even discussed my concept Trans Am.

I have attended the Year one experience in Georgia 2 times now to meet up with all of the people on the Bandit Run, This year, I went on the whole Bandit Run run. Why? because I am a part of "The Trailer Team" (with Tyler Hambrick and Greg Vassar) that recreated "Snowman's" (Jerry Reed) Trailer from the movie Smokey and the Bandit. We all met in Georgia and installed 600 square feet of printed vinyl on the trailer featuring the famous stage coach scene. ALOT of hard work. The trailer went on the entire Bandit Run being pulled by a black and gold Kenworth, just like the one in the movie! We were able to meet Jerry Reed's wife, 2 daughters, grand daughter & extended family. An experience i will NEVER forget.


Like its mythical namesake that rose from the ashes to a new life, the Trans Am of yesteryear has been born again...The Kevin Morgan Trans Am. If it is true that good things come to those who wait, then we have surely been rewarded for our patience.

Trans Am Depot is pleased to announce our partnership with designer Kevin Morgan in turning a three-year dream into reality. We, like many of you, have lusted over Kevin's retro interpretation of the '77 - '78 Trans Am based on the 2010 Camaro platform. We began early last year discussing the idea of how we might work together to bring this vision to life. In July of 2009, we created a series of Hand Crafted "one-off" cars. These early prototypes give us a three dimensional platform from which we make our styling changes and move toward final design and tooling.

We are currently in production of the SCCA officially licensed 7T7 Trans Am. If you are interested in having a conversion performed on your Camaro or purchasing a turn-key conversion from Trans Am Depot, please visit .

God Bless,
Kevin Morgan




Kevin Morgan T/A Custom Package Includes:


  • 1" or optional 2" Lowering Kit
  • Anti Roll Handling Sway Bar Upgrade
  • Wheels -- Forged T6 -- 6061 Aluminum
    • Front: 20x10x120 Gold or Silver Machined Face Snowflake
    • Rear: 20x12x120 Gold or Silver Machined Face Snowflake
  • Tires -- Pirelli Pzero
    • Front: 275/45/ZR20
    • Rear: 305/35ZR20
  • KM Custom TA Hood
  • KM Functional Shaker Scoop
  • KM Fender Extractors
  • KM Custom TA Front Fascia
  • KM Custom TA Rear Fascia
  • KM Rear Spoiler
  • KM Front & Rear Fender Flares
  • KM Exhaust Conversion w/Side Exit Splitter Tips
  • KM Custom Phoenix Graphics Package
  • KM Custom Exterior Badges


* KM Custom Sill Plates
* KM Custom Exterior Badges
* KM Custom Interior Badges (numbered)
* KM Custom Embroidered Head Rest
* KM Custom "Aluminum" Dash And Door Panels Inserts or
* KM Custom Leather Dash And Door Panel Inserts

Optional Performance Upgrades will include:

* ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger +175hp
* Noise Reduction Gears
* Polished Heads
* Polished Brackets

* Hurst Shifter w/Skip Shift Delete
* CNC Machined Stainless Steel Stick Assembly
* Nylon Lined Spherical Pivot Bearing
* Shift Throw Reduction

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